Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Importance of sitemap

A sitemap is perhaps the last thing a person would make when building a website. Thanks to the age of design; look plus features often simple things like a sitemap is forgotten. By mentioning the importance of a sitemap with respect to various points; I hope you will justify not just expending time on making a sitemap; but one which gives your website the backbone structure it truly deserves.

Few reasons to make a sitemap for your website:

•    A sitemap can make navigation easy. If a website has hundreds of webpages plus links; it is undoubtedly very easy for someone to wander off and get lost. It would be surely great if the person could just click on the sitemap and find out what information lies where.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google celebrates its 13th birthday with Google doodle

The top search engine Google marks entering its teen age by turning its home page into a birthday party scene. Surrounded by lovely balloons plus streamers; the logo is decorated with party hats and it sits behind a table piled up with wrapped presents and a large white birthday cake with thirteen candles.

Though Google's founders; Larry Page and Sergey Brin built their first search engine in year 1996; it was not until year 1998 that they formalized their work and crafted Google. The company filed for incorporation on 4th September, 1998 and domain was registered on 15th September.

Google lately launched their Google+ social networking service to all users; in an effort to counteract facebook's growing popularity. Research from Nielsen showed that US internet users expend more time on Facebook than any other website. But; other research proves that Google enjoys a 90 per cent share when it comes to global internet search market. Now that’s really nice!!

Google ranking secrets for you

Google has lately filed a patent which details many points that Google uses to rank web pages. The title of patent is "Information retrieval based on historical data" and it confirms the existence of Google sandbox and that it can apply to all web pages.

The patent specification revealed loads of information about possible methods Google may use your web page changes for determining the ranking of your website. Apart from web page content; ranking of web pages is influenced by the frequency of page or website updates as well.  Google measures content changes for determining how fresh or how stale a web page is. This does not mean that it is always worthwhile to regularly change the content of your webpages. Google exclaims that stale results may be desirable for information which does not need updating while fresh content is good for results which need it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Some small business social media marketing tips and tactics

Social media is undoubtedly a great medium to promote your small business. The first and foremost thing which you need to do is outline clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and find out how will you measure your success. Once you have outlined your goals then go through the below noted tips and tactics which will tell you how you can begin to leverage social media for your marketing efforts.

Tips and tactics

•    Use Facebook. It offers exceptional and low cost marketing opportunities for small business. The best thing is that it has over 300 million users. While this seems and outrageous number for your to target but still it offers an extremely powerful platform for building your presence. So get active on Facebook right away!!

•    Twitter can also work wonders when it comes to small business social marketing. It has grown tremendous over the last year. You can undoubtedly leverage twitter for your small business.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some reasons why your business needs a website

The first and foremost answer to this question is undoubtedly to establish a presence. Even if you just conduct business within your community then also you must let people in that community know that you want to serve them in any way possible. If you do not tell them trust me your competitors will and I am sure you don’t want that!!

Thanks to a website you can make your business information available to everyone across the globe without any additional effort. Following pointers will give you some more good reasons for getting a website for your business today:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some basic SEO and SEM tips and tricks

If you want steady stream traffic to your website then you need to work on your strategy which includes all the tips and tricks I have noted below. Keep in mind that the results will not be overnight; it will surely take some time to build traffic and for the top search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to rank your website higher on results based on a specific keyword related to your website. You must include plenty of content related to your specific niche and update it as often as you can; trust me the search engines love it.

Some Tips and tricks mentioned below for you:
  • Add a sitemap to your website. This is very important when it comes to SEO and SEM. 
  • Submit your website to top search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All you wanted to know about e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has become increasingly popular these days but unfortunately many people do know the right way to communicate with their clients through e-mail. In this write-up I will provide you with some incredible tips and tricks which help you master the art of e-mail marketing.

Here are few points:
  • Write shorter e-mails because they enhance your response rate for one reason which is it is easy to write a short reply to a short e-mail. Makes sense right?
  • If you are not getting a response then you might find success by reversing the way your phrase your request. Find out whether the individual you are e-mailing wants to prevent downfalls or wants to discover novel opportunities and then change your e-mail accordingly. Trust me this works!!

SEO and SEM tips and tricks for websites and blogs: Part II

In my last write-up "SEO and SEM tips and tricks for websites and blogs: Part I" you got to know about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Now let me provide you with some SEO and SEM tips and tricks for blogging.

Here you go with some more tips:
  • As a blogger; you are surely going to make friends and as well as influence people. Adding value to your write-ups with links to other websites and blogs will surely help you out in enriching your write-ups. But remember my dear it is not just a case of adding a link to any piece of text. If you truly value the links that you are adding then you must use the right text with the right words for the link itself.
  • Writing compelling, quality articles is very important when it comes to blogging. Always remember buddy content is king and everything else is secondary.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SEO and SEM tips and tricks for websites and blogs: Part I

SEO stands for search engine optimization while SEM for search engine marketing.  They are similar in certain respects but actually serve very different purposes. Fortunately; both of them are also very much complementary.

SEO is about making your website or blog appeal to the search engines. If they are unable to find what they are looking for then they cannot build up a list of the things they need to know about and then use it to match against a search someone types into Google; for instance.

SEM involves promoting an article to particular places like web directories, email campaigns, industry forums or by asking friends or linked businesses to add a link from their website or blog to yours.

Some tips and tricks for beginners: 
  • Understand how search engines work. This is the most important thing when it comes to SEO.
  • Once you have understood how search engines work then optimize your articles and web pages for search engines.
I am sure by now you have a complete understanding about SEO and as well as SEM.

Read my Part II for more on this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Few incredible twitter tips for your business

Twitter is undoubtedly red-hot right now. I just cannot decide whether to call it a microblogging service or a social-networking website. Anyhow my write-up will tell you how to strike the perfect balance when using this great messaging service. Go through my tips and you will surely love them.

Here you go 

  • Firstly do not automate twitter. If you have a blog which is connected to your business then you can use a service like twitter feed to directly channel your novel blog posts into twitter posts but buddy don’t do this. Your business’s primary twitter feed must be hand-fed. After all your twitter account should not appear like a faceless promotion machine. 
  • Your twitter account must talk like a person. Imagine your business’s twitter account as a character in a little internet play. Sounds interesting? Yes it is!! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Have a facebook account? Few privacy tips you must know

Facebook is truly a great portal to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues. In this piece I have decided to list some of the most important things which users must know about facebook privacy.

Here you go!! 

  • Whether you are uploading photos, videos or it’s just your status update; you must have the ability for controlling the visibility of all the content. Facebook offers privacy settings and you must use it.
  • Next you must protect your privacy information. Your phone numbers, e-mail and even home addresses can be stored and utilized for malicious purposes. So my dear limit the visibility of your personal contact information as this is very important.

I am sure by now you are aware that privacy is very important when it comes to facebook. So don’t waste your time go and use your privacy settings. And I am sure after using your privacy settings you will use your facebook account without any worries. Good Luck!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Get your small business website the ranking it truly deserves

If you have a small business website and want it to reap huge profits then you have come to the right place. Reaping profits is the main aim of any business; be it small or big. In this write-up I will give you some incredible tips which will work wonders for your small business website. So read on!!

Here you go
  • Content is king when it comes to SEO. So add a lot of content and if possible in serviceable English. You must get around 10-30 pages of new content a month and get this content linked to.
  • If your SEO specialist is promising to submit your website to thousands of search engines then trust me he/she is misleading you. Just remember if you put together the top search engines of every single country it would surely be far less than a   hundred.
  • Never use black hat tricks. This will not work in the long run and in the worst case your website might get removed from the search engine completely. So please avoid black hat tricks!!
  • Create a nice YouTube video. The best thing about online videos is that they can effortlessly slip under the radar as long as they are entertaining. So take advantage of this by creating an incredible video. 

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to get your small business website the ranking it truly deserves do not waste time and get going!! Cheers to your success!!

Some twitter tips and tricks for you

Twitter has become a vital part of our lives and that is why I decided to write this piece. Just follow my tips and tricks and your twitter experience will surely escalate to a new level. Please feel free to repost all or any of this; but if you do then please give credit to this link.

Your twitter tips and tricks:

  • You do not have to read and each and every tweet. Trust me its perfectly all right. 
  • You must follow anyone who follows you and also unfollow spammers. 
  • Remember to leave at least 20 characters or more space in each tweet if you want to improve re-tweeting!! It works my dear!!
  • Please make your hash-tags small and simple!! This is very important!!
  • Try and use twitter as your personalized communication tool; not another blast sweetie!!
  • You might think that having different accounts for everything is right but only till the time you realize that it is tough to grow multiple followings. 
  • Use apps like as they make following event chats extremely easy. 
  • Buddies it is fair enough to tweet your blog posts but you must ask a question which leads readers into the post.  
  • Regard twitter as a guidance system for what seems interesting to you. 
  • Finally if your only marketing efforts are on twitter then please build an e-mail marketing list right away.

I am sure these tips and tricks will work wonders for you!!

So go ahead use them right away! Do share your views and thoughts over here :)

Facebook tips and tricks to make things easy for you

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing social media network and its users increase by thousands each day. I know you also must have a facebook account and you must be logging in at least twice as all people across the globe. I won’t be wrong if I say facebook has become an addiction. In this article I will give you some cool tips and tricks which will take your facebook experience to an altogether new level. Plus you can use these to impress that pretty girl in your group!! I am sure she will be go crazy when she will know you are a facebook geek. Cool isn’t.

Here you go:-
  • If you love Firefox then you don’t have to use any other software for updating your facebook status. Just install the fire status add-on and then you will be able to update your FB status right from your browser. Just imagine what fun!!  
  • If you want to send messages sometime in the future then sendible will work wonders. You can even use it for scheduling your status updates
  • So you have got the latest laptop and want to flaunt it instantly on your fb account. All smart phones like iPhone and blackberry have made the whole process of uploading pictures to your facebook account pretty easy. And if you have a normal phone then no worries. You can use the facebook mms or facebook email service. Now that’s really interesting!! You bet!!
  • Everyday some or other friend pokes you but you do not have enough time to poke them back then get a grease monkey script namely facebook autopoke!! You will love it I am sure!! 
  • If you are a twitter buff and want to view your fb account like your twitter account then get grease monkey script called facebook twitter style.
  • Do you know that facebook has one of the largest collections of user uploaded videos? You can easily download them by using a client like DownFacbook or SpeedBit. Cool isn’t?

So my friends its time to show off your facebook knowledge by putting these cool tips and tricks into practice. I am sure your buddies will appreciate for your know-how. So get going!! All the best buddy!! :) 

Any queries just drop in a mail and I will reply ASAP. Have Fun!!

Few incredible tips and tricks to get your business’s facebook fan page the attention it truly deserves

Facebook has become a part of our lives!! I am sure you will agree with me. It is no less than an addiction; I mean, I know people who login like five times a day. Apart from a source of entertainment and social networking it has emerged out to be a wonderful portal for marketing. And if you already have your business’s facebook fan page then you have come to the right place. This piece of writing will provide you with tips and tricks which will work wonders for your business’s facebook fan page. Don’t trust me? Just read my write-up and put them into practice. I am sure you will send me a thank you mail very soon…I will be waiting!! ;)

So here are some tips you can implement:
  • See the basic purpose of creating fan page at facebook is to convert visitors into fans; means they should like your page and this is possible only when you place a clear call-to-action graphic in the landing tab.
  • Products commenting is another area where you need to concentrate. This feature is awesome for setting up a little store under your fan page so that you can have each of your products liked and commented. Now that’s sounds interesting!!
  • Share button can truly prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to business’s facebook fan page as with this button facebookers share just anything. All you need to do is place your URL in the code and once your visitor uses the share button all her friends will view your URL in their news feed. Too simple to apply after all I am here to make things easy for you my buddy!!
  • Use Google analytic. If facebook analytics system has limited information then no hassles at all you just need to set Google analytic and you are done.
  • Some people have too much content on their fan page and that’s an issue to worry about. If you also belong to the same group then your worries are over as I have got a great solution for you. You can hide certain parts of your content under the pop-up boxes. I know you must be thinking what a wonderful way to tackle this issue.
  • Image rollover is yet another great trick when it comes to business’s facebook fan page. You just need HTML+CSS which is backed by FBML box.
Now my dear without wasting any time use these tips and tricks and get your business’s facebook fan page the attention it truly deserves. Cheers to your success :) !!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The ins and outs of search engine optimization

Hey!! Do not be tensed if you do not know about search engine optimization because you are not the only one. SEO basically involves enhancing internal and external aspects of a website for getting quality traffic from top search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Now you must be wondering why do you need seo for your website.

The majority of internet traffic is driven by the top search engines. If your website does not get listed in the top results then you will not get the traffic you truly deserve.

Thanks to SEO you will be able to get quality traffic and your task is just to convert potential clients into permanent ones. Sounds easy right?

How to optimize your website?

Search engine optimization is not an easy job and people who are in this business know this very well. It needs sharp mind, smart thinking, patience plus in depth knowledge of the entire process. So basically it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So you need to find a reputable seo provider who will do the job for you. A seo specialist will surely move your website up in the rankings as quickly as possible and will keep your website at or near the top once he/she gets it there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Landing page optimization

It is important to understand what is landing page optimization. Webmasters should always remember that the landing page is extremely essential and is responsible for conversions as well.

Landing pages play great role in Google AdWords; the biggest opportunity for all webmasters in paid search is, optimizing landing pages as they can bring in incessant improvements to conversion. Poorly optimized landing pages will not work for any business.

The pointers that webmasters should remember for effective landing page optimization are namely begin with high volume or high value segments, monitor your visitor’s profile, the time spent on the webpage, utilize badging, utilize all of the real estate wisely and lastly test and test again.

Duplicate content issue

Duplicate content is without a doubt an important issue for all web marketers; specifically in case of all e-commerce websites.

All webmaster must know the facts for major Google patents. Everyone needs major medication for getting through the Google patents and put up an example of a typical website wireframe. It is important to understand what goes into a duplicate content algorithm; please note that everything is ignored except for a content block which lies in middle. Search engines always focus on the main content of the webpage and not the secondary one.

For example add four pieces of content on one page and then put the same content in rearranged manner. Search engine algorithms can figure it out and can list it as a duplicate content. Therefore, always remember playing out with the content blocks will not make any difference. This simply intends that if you substitute words out in a block of content; the search engines can detect it.

Going beyond the numbers

Webmaster’s must concentrate on the growing SEO metrics from Page Rank to LTV plus return on investment.

There are many methods to move beyond page rank, to novel metrics which will enhance the budget allotted to search engine optimization services by the companies.

Many clients find it difficult to measure search engine optimization performance because of disconnect between legacy systems in tracking performance. In case of large companies looking out for immediate results, and novel breakthroughs; whereas natural search benefits are longer term. Search engine optimization performance is not maintained from the years gone by; that is why there is no way of comparison. Poor analytics can also be a reason behind the corporations questioning search engine optimization effectiveness. Often the people who delegate budget on search marketing; know little about it.

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