Friday, September 9, 2011

Few incredible tips and tricks to get your business’s facebook fan page the attention it truly deserves

Facebook has become a part of our lives!! I am sure you will agree with me. It is no less than an addiction; I mean, I know people who login like five times a day. Apart from a source of entertainment and social networking it has emerged out to be a wonderful portal for marketing. And if you already have your business’s facebook fan page then you have come to the right place. This piece of writing will provide you with tips and tricks which will work wonders for your business’s facebook fan page. Don’t trust me? Just read my write-up and put them into practice. I am sure you will send me a thank you mail very soon…I will be waiting!! ;)

So here are some tips you can implement:
  • See the basic purpose of creating fan page at facebook is to convert visitors into fans; means they should like your page and this is possible only when you place a clear call-to-action graphic in the landing tab.
  • Products commenting is another area where you need to concentrate. This feature is awesome for setting up a little store under your fan page so that you can have each of your products liked and commented. Now that’s sounds interesting!!
  • Share button can truly prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to business’s facebook fan page as with this button facebookers share just anything. All you need to do is place your URL in the code and once your visitor uses the share button all her friends will view your URL in their news feed. Too simple to apply after all I am here to make things easy for you my buddy!!
  • Use Google analytic. If facebook analytics system has limited information then no hassles at all you just need to set Google analytic and you are done.
  • Some people have too much content on their fan page and that’s an issue to worry about. If you also belong to the same group then your worries are over as I have got a great solution for you. You can hide certain parts of your content under the pop-up boxes. I know you must be thinking what a wonderful way to tackle this issue.
  • Image rollover is yet another great trick when it comes to business’s facebook fan page. You just need HTML+CSS which is backed by FBML box.
Now my dear without wasting any time use these tips and tricks and get your business’s facebook fan page the attention it truly deserves. Cheers to your success :) !!

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