Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some tips for choosing keywords

Keyword research is one of the most vital tasks which you will complete for a successful inbound marketing strategy. It will be your first step before you craft your website, content or begin any marketing campaign. 

If your keyword research is not detailed plus managed correctly, then there is a big chance that your efforts will fail.

Here are some tips you must remember when performing keyword research:

  • Find the exact keyword phrase which people are utilizing to search for your product. If you have the website and Google analytics set up already then you can check your analytics for the terms people are utilizing most for finding your website. 
  • Put yourself in the client shoes when you are making your keyword list. Just think about the buyer’s intention when he/she is searching for your product. 
  • Monitor the keywords which your competition is utilizing. First you must analyze your competition’s website to know if it qualifies to compete with your website. It might be out-dated, stagnant or might have a low traffic rank. You must find information about your competitors.
Now that you know all the tips and tricks get a sheet of paper and prepare a list utilizing the above tips. Expend some time in this thought process and write down as many different variations as you can. Always remember that keyword research is an important piece of your marketing strategy. Proper keyword research will surely ensure a successful marketing campaign.

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