Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google ranking secrets for you

Google has lately filed a patent which details many points that Google uses to rank web pages. The title of patent is "Information retrieval based on historical data" and it confirms the existence of Google sandbox and that it can apply to all web pages.

The patent specification revealed loads of information about possible methods Google may use your web page changes for determining the ranking of your website. Apart from web page content; ranking of web pages is influenced by the frequency of page or website updates as well.  Google measures content changes for determining how fresh or how stale a web page is. This does not mean that it is always worthwhile to regularly change the content of your webpages. Google exclaims that stale results may be desirable for information which does not need updating while fresh content is good for results which need it.

Google possibly records the below noted webpage changes:

•    Frequency of changes
•    Change in keyword density
•    Amount of changes
•    Changes in anchor texts
•    Number of new webpages which link to a webpage
•    Number of links to low trust websites.

You must ensure that your webpage content is optimized for Google by utilizing IBP. If your content is not optimized then trust me all other ranking factors will not help you out much. Then try to find out whether the keywords you target need static or fresh search results and update your content accordingly.

I am sure after reading this piece of writing you have a complete understanding about Google ranking. So go ahead use this information and get the ranking you truly deserve. I am sure you will be able to take a big leap towards online success.

All the best!! 

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