Friday, September 9, 2011

Some twitter tips and tricks for you

Twitter has become a vital part of our lives and that is why I decided to write this piece. Just follow my tips and tricks and your twitter experience will surely escalate to a new level. Please feel free to repost all or any of this; but if you do then please give credit to this link.

Your twitter tips and tricks:

  • You do not have to read and each and every tweet. Trust me its perfectly all right. 
  • You must follow anyone who follows you and also unfollow spammers. 
  • Remember to leave at least 20 characters or more space in each tweet if you want to improve re-tweeting!! It works my dear!!
  • Please make your hash-tags small and simple!! This is very important!!
  • Try and use twitter as your personalized communication tool; not another blast sweetie!!
  • You might think that having different accounts for everything is right but only till the time you realize that it is tough to grow multiple followings. 
  • Use apps like as they make following event chats extremely easy. 
  • Buddies it is fair enough to tweet your blog posts but you must ask a question which leads readers into the post.  
  • Regard twitter as a guidance system for what seems interesting to you. 
  • Finally if your only marketing efforts are on twitter then please build an e-mail marketing list right away.

I am sure these tips and tricks will work wonders for you!!

So go ahead use them right away! Do share your views and thoughts over here :)

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