Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook tips and tricks to make things easy for you

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing social media network and its users increase by thousands each day. I know you also must have a facebook account and you must be logging in at least twice as all people across the globe. I won’t be wrong if I say facebook has become an addiction. In this article I will give you some cool tips and tricks which will take your facebook experience to an altogether new level. Plus you can use these to impress that pretty girl in your group!! I am sure she will be go crazy when she will know you are a facebook geek. Cool isn’t.

Here you go:-
  • If you love Firefox then you don’t have to use any other software for updating your facebook status. Just install the fire status add-on and then you will be able to update your FB status right from your browser. Just imagine what fun!!  
  • If you want to send messages sometime in the future then sendible will work wonders. You can even use it for scheduling your status updates
  • So you have got the latest laptop and want to flaunt it instantly on your fb account. All smart phones like iPhone and blackberry have made the whole process of uploading pictures to your facebook account pretty easy. And if you have a normal phone then no worries. You can use the facebook mms or facebook email service. Now that’s really interesting!! You bet!!
  • Everyday some or other friend pokes you but you do not have enough time to poke them back then get a grease monkey script namely facebook autopoke!! You will love it I am sure!! 
  • If you are a twitter buff and want to view your fb account like your twitter account then get grease monkey script called facebook twitter style.
  • Do you know that facebook has one of the largest collections of user uploaded videos? You can easily download them by using a client like DownFacbook or SpeedBit. Cool isn’t?

So my friends its time to show off your facebook knowledge by putting these cool tips and tricks into practice. I am sure your buddies will appreciate for your know-how. So get going!! All the best buddy!! :) 

Any queries just drop in a mail and I will reply ASAP. Have Fun!!

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