Thursday, November 17, 2011

Save your online business from SEO frauds - Tips and Tricks

Today, to promote your online business you need to hire SEO services. Where a good SEO company can give your business the right exposure, SEO Fraud and Scams can ruin it. However, by keeping the following SEO Fraud tips in mind you can easily figure out whether the SEO company you are planning to appoint is genuine or not.

A Fraud SEO company will generally make use of unethical SEO practices such as - keyword stuffing, link spamming, cloaking or sneaky redirects and Doorway pages etc. Also, such SEO company will put your links on those websites that are not related to your website. Link spamming is not allowed by any search engine and thus your website gets low ranking on search engines. Moreover, by resorting to such techniques your website can be penalized or in worst case scenario you can be debarred by the search engines.

Another way to identify SEO Fraud and Scams is that it will use poor keywords to optimize your website. They lack the professional capability to figure the right keywords and as result your website does not climb the ladder of search engine ranking.

You can not do the SEO of your website within a short period of time as it is a continuous process.  In fact, search engines like Google keep a tab on your website’s history. They only rank websites that are up to date. One of the classic signs of a SEO fraud is that they charge a onetime fee to update and increase your website’s ranking.

Even if a SEO company promises to get to higher traffic it does not mean that your sales will also increase. So, it is important to check out a SEO’s portfolio before appointing them. Also, a SEO company should take in to consideration each and every SEO detail to target potential customers.  If you miss out on a single detail you can get zero ranking.

Most of the times, you can identify a Search Engine Optimization Scams when the company guarantee top rankings.  No matter, how good a SEO company is, it can not assure you higher search engine ranking.
A fraud SEO company will also claim to increase the traffic to your website by getting it listed in various search engines. But in reality you don’t require many search engine listing. You just need to be listed in those search engines that are liked by your target audience. This is what most of the fraud SEO companies lack in. A fraud SEO company does not give you timely and appropriate reports of the traffic received by your page.

So, before you decide to hire a SEO company read the fine print and pick up a firm that makes realistic claims. It should give you increased traffic by making use of the latest and ethical techniques of search engine optimization. A company that offers you assurance of top ranking is certainly indulging in Search Engine Optimization Scams.