Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Duplicate content issue

Duplicate content is without a doubt an important issue for all web marketers; specifically in case of all e-commerce websites.

All webmaster must know the facts for major Google patents. Everyone needs major medication for getting through the Google patents and put up an example of a typical website wireframe. It is important to understand what goes into a duplicate content algorithm; please note that everything is ignored except for a content block which lies in middle. Search engines always focus on the main content of the webpage and not the secondary one.

For example add four pieces of content on one page and then put the same content in rearranged manner. Search engine algorithms can figure it out and can list it as a duplicate content. Therefore, always remember playing out with the content blocks will not make any difference. This simply intends that if you substitute words out in a block of content; the search engines can detect it.

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