Thursday, September 15, 2011

All you wanted to know about e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has become increasingly popular these days but unfortunately many people do know the right way to communicate with their clients through e-mail. In this write-up I will provide you with some incredible tips and tricks which help you master the art of e-mail marketing.

Here are few points:
  • Write shorter e-mails because they enhance your response rate for one reason which is it is easy to write a short reply to a short e-mail. Makes sense right?
  • If you are not getting a response then you might find success by reversing the way your phrase your request. Find out whether the individual you are e-mailing wants to prevent downfalls or wants to discover novel opportunities and then change your e-mail accordingly. Trust me this works!!

  • Your e-mail must have a clear purpose if you want a response. This applies in all circumstances but it is particularly helpful when you are contacting someone for the first time.
  • Follow up is very important when it comes to email marketing. You do not want to pester anyone but if you have given them some time and have not got a response then you can persistent. Its okay!!

I am sure by now you know all the ins and outs of e-mail marketing. Go ahead use these tips and tricks and get the success you truly deserve. 
If you have any queries or concerns regarding this topic then please feel free to contact me. 
All the best!!