Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Few incredible twitter tips for your business

Twitter is undoubtedly red-hot right now. I just cannot decide whether to call it a microblogging service or a social-networking website. Anyhow my write-up will tell you how to strike the perfect balance when using this great messaging service. Go through my tips and you will surely love them.

Here you go 

  • Firstly do not automate twitter. If you have a blog which is connected to your business then you can use a service like twitter feed to directly channel your novel blog posts into twitter posts but buddy don’t do this. Your business’s primary twitter feed must be hand-fed. After all your twitter account should not appear like a faceless promotion machine. 
  • Your twitter account must talk like a person. Imagine your business’s twitter account as a character in a little internet play. Sounds interesting? Yes it is!! 

  • Follow all your staff who uses twitter. You must even follow colleagues in related companies and as well as in your industry.
  • Twitter is truly a wonderful way to get answers to questions. Try and figure out what your clients want to see or what are they interested in. You can use twitter for asking them. Although it is not a scientific survey but still it can give you a good idea.

I am sure by now you know how to use twitter effectively for your business. So go ahead and apply these tips right away.

You will definitely send me a thank you mail soon!! Cheers to your success!!

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