Friday, November 25, 2011

SEO mistakes that can deteriorate your web ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital tool in the hands of internet marketers to increase quality traffic for your online business. Although, it may appear very simple but a small SEO mistakes can prove fatal for your online business.

Below are discussed the top SEO mistakes that can give you low rankings in the search engine results.
  1. Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the biggest SEO mistakes, which sometimes even a SEO expert can commit. At time one may use keywords that describe their website however; the user may not use these keywords while making a search. To make this task easy, you can make of a keyword suggestion tool such as the Website Keyword Suggestion. This may aid you in finding appropriate keyword for your website.

  2. People also tend to use too much flash content and graphics while designing their website. Although, this would make your site attractive but, search engine crawlers only go through ‘text only documents’. So, to be listed by major search engine such as yahoo and Google, you must include good quality content about your product or services.

  3. You must mention the keyword or important search phrases in the < title > tag. This would help to optimize your website. Apart from this, the text used in the < title > tag would also appear when the user makes a search for your page title. In general people include their company name or product in the title. If you want to mention your company number put that in the end of the title. You just need to maintain the balance between leaving the title tag completely empty and stuffing it.

  4. Including the JavaScript for navigation is not an issue while building up your web pages, if you are considering the fact that the search engines do not read JavaScript. Thus, when making use of the JavaScript menus try and create a sitemap or forming the links in a no script tag.

  5. Amongst the various SEO mistakes, this one you must avoid completely to enjoy easy SEO of your website. Don’t opt for many back links and back link spamming. In fact, you should use only high quality back links as they will attract more traffic and generate higher sales.

  6. Another SEO mistake a lot of people commit is to underestimate the value of a good URL. It is essential to include the keywords in the URL, which means the domain itself or file names, this would increase the ranking of your site on the search engines.

  7. A number of SEO experts pay too much attention on the Meta keywords and description. In fact, Meta tags are considered passé as such tags do not ensure higher ranking of your website.

  8. People also tend to ignore maintaining their website on regular basis. Having consistency in your website and optimizing it by keeping an eye on the changes in the ranking is very crucial for the success of your online business.

  9. In the process of links building Mismanaging links is unacceptable in SEO campaign. So, always make sure that the keywords are spread uniformly across your website.

  10. Another mistake most of the online businesses make, is to expect immediate results from an SEO campaign. It should be remembered that SEO is a continuous process and to get the required impact on the ranking of the website it will take time.

I am sure you will certainly avoid the above mentioned SEO mistakes while creating your website so that you achieve high ranking with the search engines.