Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some social media marketing tips and tricks for you!!

Facebook was a place where mothers used to write about their kids, brides would talk to their girlfriends about their upcoming wedding plus friends would share photos of their latest trip. Then businesses across the globe got wind of the 750 million people on Facebook and decided to chime in, with incredible business pages which tout specials, deals as well as other business-related promotions. But my dear there is an art to communicating in an atmosphere which is supposed to be about sharing and not selling. And this is why I have crafted this write-up. 

I will provide you with some social media marketing tips and tricks.

Here you go!! 

  • Use facebook for making friends and not clients my dear. Write about your local community plus events and post items of interest which go beyond your business.
  • Post just three times and day and not more. Do not overwhelm people.
  • Share stuff which has a reason for sharing. Remember your posts should not annoy people.
  • Offer incentives but do not be pushy my dear. Provide your deals just once a week and not each day.
  • Be exciting. Post content which you would want to share with your buddies. Facebook marketing is not about vending as much as it is about sharing.

I am sure by now you have a complete understanding about social media marketing. Go ahead use these tips and tricks right away. All the best.......

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