Monday, October 3, 2011

Theme bleeding: What it is and how to avoid it

Theme bleeding is a link leading from a particular topic or theme to another theme which is not directly related. Content plus navigation of a website are believed to be two key pillars which support any SEO campaign. However sometimes; good content and a well thought of navigation may not be able to work the SEO wonders which it was supposed to.

How to avoid theme bleeding

•    You must plan your navigation properly. Majority of webmasters recommend the use of a silo structure for your website wherein associated content is stacked together.

•    You must utilize the nofollow attribute. You should add a nofollow attribute to pages which you do no want the search spiders to crawl.

•    The most effective technique for preventing theme bleeding is using the robots.txt file. This file is a simple text file which sits on your server in the akin directory where your homepage exists. Using this file in links which do you do not want to be crawled will make sure that search spiders under any condition will not crawl these links.

I am sure after enlightening reading this post you know what is theme bleeding and how you can avoid it. So get going!!

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