Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy ways to increase YouTube Traffic

YouTube is ranked as the top video search engine and the third largest search engine on the World Wide Web. Numerous people load their videos on YouTube expecting them to get high viewing. This is particularly true when you want to make money using the video marketing. Just like written content, your YouTube videos also need to be optimized to attract more traffic.

You can increase views on YouTube in a number of ways. In the article below I will be discussing some effective tips to help you get increased views to your YouTube video.

  • The first and the most important way to attract more traffic is to create an interesting profile. When people like you video they instantly check your profile to know more about you. If your profile is boring they will just move on to next video and thereby you lose all the impact created by the video. Sometimes seeing interesting profiles or channel names, builds curiosity amongst viewers. This might encourage them to view your video. But remember to keep your profile professional as you are using YouTube for business.

  • Always keep the length of your video in mind. Even though YouTube doesn't impose any limits on the length but usually long videos tend to be boring. People will not watch the whole video and may miss the logo and URL of your website. The best way to go about the length is to keep it between 3 to 5 minutes and direct the viewers to your website for further information.

  • In order to get YouTube Traffic it is important to post a video which is useful for the viewers. In fact, it would be best to post viral videos. Viral videos are not just informative videos, but they also target the masses. So, if you have a viral for your video, people will promote your video themselves and you in turn get the benefit from it.

  • To attract more traffic to your video, it is essential to maintain the interest of the viewers. This can be easily done by creating series of videos and posting them on regular basis. This way the viewers will keep coming back to check on new videos and thus you earn audience loyalty.

  • Another effective way to enhance the YouTube traffic to your website is to leave comments on videos you like. But doing so, you will be able to grab the attention of those viewers with whom it would be difficult to connect.

  • Timing and planning ahead is also crucial for getting YouTube traffic. As there are times when the traffic is peak and at other times when there are not many viewers. So, in order to post your video in prime time you need to plan. Do keep the length of video and speed on the internet connection in mind while doing so.

  • Mostly viewers search for your videos through search engine and YouTube. So, your videos should be search-friendly. To achieve this, try to incorporate your major keywords in the title tags and in descriptions. Listing relevant keywords in the title also helps in getting increased YouTube Traffic.

I am certain that YouTube can prove to be a helpful source to generate traffic to your site. This will help you to promote your videos and at the same time face competition in a better way.

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