Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking the SEO myths - Find SEO Tips

We all know that the SEO campaign is utilized to promote your online business; however, there are a lot of things that we read about SEO which are just a misconception. Below are discussed some search engine optimization myths that you must know about to attain desired search marketing results.

To begin with, it is a general belief that stuffing your website with keywords will ensure a higher ranking on search engines. Sometimes people even make use keywords that don’t even make sense, which makes the content appear unprofessional. But, in reality there is no set number of keywords that must be used to make your website number one. People also believe that use of header tags on your site is another way to achieve high ranking in search engine. But this is also an SEO myth.

Another, SEO myth is that the content on your site should be of at least of 250 words. This is because with such a word length you can have 3-5 keywords on your page. Rather than the word limit, it is the quality of content that matters. So, feel free to use any length of content for your website but just remember, it is the potential customers that you have to impress not the search engines.

If you think that filling out forms and submitting to search engines will be of help, you are mistaken. The manual submission of your Site to the Search Engines does not help to increase the rating of your site. In fact, the sites are ranked using the process of web crawling. You should just concentrate on the quality of the site and the content and keyword usage.

With all this information you can easily distinguish between which SEO myths are facts and which are not true. This will surely help you to create a search engine friendly website.